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.302 Bill Howell
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I have joined FOA just now, and need assistance to find repair services for Skyler, my 59 Skyliner I've had for 20 years. It's not an original (352 4bbl intend of 292 2bbl) but is/was a great weekend driver. The problem is because I own and run my own business, I have had no time to keep up the car as I should have. It has been garaged on jacks for ten years and will need a seals & gaskets overhaul - brakes, transmission, fuel pump, 4bbl carb, etc. All hard parts are either original, repaired or replaced.

I've lost my local service source to retirement. He was among the last trustworthy repair shops "old" enough to understand Cruis-A-Matic, 352ci 4bbl, motor relays & switches. Now, I either have to invest in a serious system overhaul or sell it outright for CHEAP. I've run an ad in Hemmings, but only ended up sending out a lot of photos with no offers. I turned down one offer to a man in El Paso Tx who would have made it a "low-rider." No, Thank You. One friend of a friend is a restorer in Douglasville, but could not justify the effort to "restore" it to original (missing engine) - as that's what he does. I've chosen $8,500 prices tag as I've invested in parts, pieces and repairs. It's not far from a weekend driver again.

Can you provide local repair men who have experience and aren't "Tuner oriented" twenty-somethings? I just can't find the time to start this project in order to sell Skyler. It would be a five-figure sale if I can offer it as a runner - OR - I may just end up keeping it!!!!!

Thanks for being there….

Thom Orf
Roswell, GA
June 2, 2012 at 11:51 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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